Custom Clothing by Julie Huhn

While managing a busy career in the finance world, Julie Huhn was sought after by her male counterparts for her expertise in men’s fashion, often advising them on different fabrics, cuts and styles that would best suit their body type.  Years later, after having dedicated her career to this passion full-time, Julie now provides a truly tailored experience for each and every one of her clients.

Julie meets with each client one on one to assess their current style and discuss what aspects they would like to improve on, then measures them to create a perfect pattern for which suits, blazers and shirts can be custom crafted.  “Guys that are in great shape often wear shirts that are too large, making them look 5 to 10 pounds bigger than they really are,” says Julie. “The smile on their face is priceless, when they see the difference it makes to wear something made especially for them.” Julie has curated a wide array of fabrics and patterns that cater to each man, offering something for those that want to be classic, preppy, or edgy.  Says the designer of her clients, “They look better, they feel confident, and they can’t even believe how amazing it feels to wear a garment that fits."

Julie is based in New York City, Watch Hill and Nantucket, and has clients all over the world.